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My Resume

My Name GailAnn

My Address: Southwest Florida

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Has always been to love the job I am at. I love nursing. I have been in the field for  thirty years now. My first twenty years I worked on an acute care Pysch. unit. Since moving to Florida I now work Rehab. meaning I take care of people who are recovering from strokes, orthopedic surgeries and other illness needing time to heal. I find this very rewarding. The work is physically demanding, and the patients are most often wonderful. I love my co-workers. We are a great team together.

This past fall I made a two year committment to belong to The Clinical Practice Council  in our local health care system. We strive to bring nursing excellence to our establishment.
I am also the designated Wound Care Nurse of the Rehabilitation Hospital. I hope to obtain my National Certification in the next couple of years.
I am a part of a team which has an Evidence -Based Practice Project of "The Prevention of Pressure Ulcers". It has meant doing alot of research and bringing the information back to the committee. We are looking to update our Policies and Procedures regarding pressure ulcers the prevention of them and the treating of them.
The above led me to be asked to join the PI committee (personal initiative) which is looking at best practice for prevention and treatment of ulcers in the Rehabilitation Hospital.
Whew I am worn out just reading what I am involved in. I love it. It is time consuming along with working fulltime.