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My Home and Other Interests

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My plants

Plants and flowers from my many gardens on the property.


This is one of 9 rose bushes that we have planted over the last year.I will add pictures of them as I think of it.

There are 4 different orchids one is in bloom the others are just sending up stalks,

grapefruit tree, just beyond that is a small key lime tree I started from seed 3 years ago.

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Purple Orchids

Red bouganvilia . While I love looking at this bush. What a bear to mow around.


On either side of the poinsietta are trumpet bushes. The one on the left is gold and the one on the right is peach in color. There is also one in purple that did not show up in this picture. At this point we must have around 20 of these trumpets growing in various areas of the flower beds.


Peach angel trumpet in pot on lanai

dwarf royal palm tree

Gardening is never ending here. I have slacked off and have many things I need to do to get the bed back in shape again.


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