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New House Album

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Mansard cage pool area

Oh to languish floating.

I have always dreamed of having a pool. This will be a great area to have friends and family come to.

pool area; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The first large patio opening on the left is to the masterbedroom, next door is to the dinningroom .Three other rooms which are not visable in this photos also have patio doors leading to the pool area.

view looking out from the patio area. I wish I had not taken a closeup photo.

The small building you see beyond the pool is a storage shed. John plans on moving to another part of the yard.

the west side ; Actual size=240

You see Cannas and palms here. I am not sure what else is planted. Around the beds are continuous concrete curbings.Which will make mowing easier.

This is the far west corner of the back yard. The back yard is quite big. That is until John's workshop is built.Bright side he will be happily working away. I will be happily not having as much lawn to mow.

Planned Renovations

Here we'll put some of the things we'd like to do to the house when time and money permit, such as put new countertops in the kitchen. Our first project will to build John,s workshop. He plans a cottage type appearing building to the back of the property. With a porch ,regular door and windows facing towards our home. On the south side of the building will be the actual garage doors so that he can get his machines in.

Here we might include a Mind-It Web Gem so that friends receive an e-mail notification whenever we update this page.